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Sorry is did not see you already address the spark arrestor issue.

Notorious for hard to start, when cold ALWAYS start with a full fuel tank, a full tank aids in the amount of pulls it take to get gas up to the carb. Some guys i know will turn blower on it side till it starts to fire.

Also get a large rubber band to hold the trigger throttle wide open, Some say this helps. This is some of the issues with a wet plug, when starting at a near ideal the fuel to air mixture is going to get the plug wet if at ideal. It don't take long for even a new plug to foul out if you continue to trying to start. Once you have a very wet plug. STOP let it dry out some and then continue. This is why the rubber band trick CAN help in some cases.

Starting fluid has a higher flash point making it easier to start but not run with a fuel mix. Your mix may have to much oil in it. for now try a lighter mix of oil to gas mix.

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