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Originally Posted by humble1 View Post

I love cynical humor but in this case there is no Satire except your misinformation.

SATIRE COLONIES??? Looks like you are re-writing the book. They are SATELLITE COLONIES . Now what were you saying about the Mass Test?

satellite colony, i know you use the cell phone with the big numbers so they are easy to see, but i use an iphone and it will often think you are going for a word and enter that so what I meant was Satellite why would I say satire colony god you are a funny litlle man with no family to like you. I would love to know what part of carpenter ants i am off by because unless you somehow are re writing the mallis book yourself----
protein consumption coincides with their brood production summer and fall, their consumption of carbohydrate on the other hand is constant and more than twice as high as protein, "Carbohydrates are the primary energy source of adults" Abott 1978 so you see ric you are misinformed again and as usual full of negativity which if you were less negative you might have a buisness 1/100 of what most of us actual professionals have. You go do your 2 jobs a day and collect your ss check while I bill out what I bill out, becasue in the end thats what matters to most of us here..
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