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Originally Posted by Ubetit View Post
Dupont will pay the attorneys in this class action, they won't get a cut out of your settlement. With your own counsel, they may take 30-40% of your settlement. That's one of the things you have to weigh. If you have been offered $20k through dupont, you now need $30k to break even with your own counsel if they charge 30%. I'm more concerned about damage to property values, long-term effects, soil remediation, ancillary expenses and less about my actual trees.
Wisely stated. Before I retained the firm I have, this is the thing I weighed carefully. As I went through the direct resolution process and as I learned more about how much damage was done and is still doing to my property, it's value and it's future value, plus knowing I had more damage than what DuPont's hired arborist stated, it became clear that even paying 30% from a individual settlement or judgement would be better than accepting DuPont's offer. If an attorney can't do better even with me paying the commission then they're not doing their job. Each person must decide how much they have suffered or might suffer and if DuPont's offer is sufficient to compensate for that. To have a choice in how one proceeds is good isn't it. Without law, courts, judges and attorneys we wouldn't have much choice would we?
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