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Originally Posted by Bryn View Post
I love Solu-Cal, but it is like a drug, once you start using it you cannot stop. It is short lived, and when you read the bag it will tell you about a maintenance plan to follow. I don't fully understand the science, and rely on more educated people to convince me, but it does seem to have an effect on my properties. A sport field, Bermuda grass I know of seemed to fair better than a field that was not treated.

Not helpful I know, but thought I would offer 2 cents.
I think a lot of people don't understand pH adjustments very well. Liming materials are ranked by how they stack up against calcitic limestone (CaCO3) for neutralizing power (called the calcium carbonate equivalent, or CCE). Solu-Cal, being mostly but not totally CaCO3, has a CCE just under 100%. But, it's the second-to-last when it comes to liming materials and their CCE. Quicklime (179% CCE), slaked lime (136% CCE), and dolomitic lime (115% CCE) are all more effective at neutralizing acidity than calcitic lime. This doesn't necessarily mean that one is better than the other. But, it does mean that more calcitic limestone is needed to neutralize a particular amount of acidity than dolomitic limestone.

Don't forget, also, that product fineness has a huge impact on this. Finer particles change pH more quickly than larger particles. So, if the paticles are all the same size, it will take less dolomitic lime to neutralize your pH than calcitic lime.

For this (and other reasons), I won't buy Solu-Cal.
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