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Originally Posted by Mowingman View Post
First, that seems like way too much money for both of those trucks.
Second, the 6.0 will get treeible fuel mileage. I have owned 2 of the 2007, 2500's. Figure about 8-9MPG driving around town, with or without a trailer. To me, the 6.0 felt weak when towing. Seemed like you really had to go pedal to the metal, to get away from a traffic light, without holding up other traffic.
Tough call on which way to go, but I still think they are both overpriced.
If you think that a 6.0 felt weak when towing your trailer don't put a 5.4 ford in front of that trailer.

Sorry but your gonna be leaning on ANY truck pulling a trailer and trying to not be in the way of traffic behind you from stop sign or red light....

I think they sound over priced as well, yes the chevrolets get horrible fuel mileage (I get right at 9 pulling trailer) but the money you will save not repairing the chevrolet over fixing the ford daily you will still be money ahead.

Bwahahahahaha, Im just messin with you ford guys. We had a 5.4 ford a while back and it was a gutless beach and had problem after problem. Our 6.0 chevrolets have been bullet proof........ Yes horrible fuel mileage but if a handful of trucks wants to treat me the way my chevrolets have, they can get bad mileage. nobodys gonna get good fuel mileage pulling trailer anyways unless you go diesel and with the price of deisel trucks these days I can buy a LOT of gas with the money saved over buying a gas truck over diesel.
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