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Originally Posted by Deererunner View Post
Yeah that's were I'm at with it, the 2,000 more doesn't bother me, I just don't know anything really about the 6.0's as I do with the 5.4's. Right now I'm leanin towards the gmc.

Also another question, want to see if this seems strange to anyone. I test drove the gmc on Saturday, but the salesman wouldn't let me drive it off the lot, he "had to" and then about a mile down the road switch with me in a lot to drive. Got to drive it on the road and highway and back onto to the lot, just not off it. Should that throw any red flags?? And they also have had it since April. Starting asking price was 31k and now it's all the way down to 24k
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Yeah I find that weird. I would just tell them your really leaning towards the gmc but not buying it unless you get a good test drive OFF THE LOT. Around here it seems the lots are all about you getting a nice long test drive even on brand new ones.......
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