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Originally Posted by rbljack View Post
it didnt say in your original post, so I'll mention this first. You said it fires briefly when spraying starting fluid or some other combustible into the carb, then dies right? One question about the it new fuel, or the stuff that was in it when you got it? If its old, Id flush it all out and try start over with a clean mix.

If the fuel is good because you know the mix is right, and its not been sitting for a long time, then Id suggest replacing the whole carb. If its starting briefly with the starter fluid (or whatever you used), it sounds like a carb probelm or fuel delivery problem still.

Good luck

You are right I did forget to mention that. This is the same gas I use in My Kaw Trimmer, Husq Blower, etc..

Normal trouble shooting would lead me to replace the carb, but it doesn't really explain why the plug gets soaked. There isn't much to this carb, I've broke it all of the way down and replaced everything.

Thanks for everybody's ideas. Keep them coming and I'll try some things next chance I get.
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