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Rocking a slope

Not sure if this is the right forum, but asked to bid on putting landscape rock on an area behind a building.
Deal is this:
- Narrow area, 10' from building to chain link fence and neigboring property.
- goes out about 2 -3' then 45 deg.
- primary goal is for erosion control.
- aprox. 70' long, access at one end only, pretty much wheelbarrow access
- local charity, so they are wishing to do as cheaply as possible
I will be putting landscape fabric down, but my question is:
1. what would you do so the rock just don't slide down the slope?

Don't really have to keep the slope regular or pretty, IOW's I could put rows of larger rock embedded every 2' with smaller rock in between, but just questioning what would be the most feasible. Any way I cut it, it looks like a lot of handwork.

Thanks Guys
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