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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Guess I stumped you guys...
It can be tough trying to figure out what someone was thinking when they improvised.
Especially when you dont know what problem they were trying to work around.

WhiteGardens...Yes that is an old TV antenna alligator clip...good eye.. #9 is not a WaterMagnet ...The WaterMagnet has 3 wires going to it,,,
#9 is just a sparkplug I insulated because I got tired of catching pushmowers on fire.
About once a year I would get a mower flooded so bad that when I pulled the rope to clear the would spark and ignite the fuel and catch the engine on fire.

#5 is a hydro pulley removal tool..when you get the clutch off the crankshaft and the hydro pulley wont come bolt this combination of a clutch bushing and an Exmark spindle bushing to the crank..this keeps the airhammer from jumping off the crankbolt while reaching under the mower and bumping the shaft.

Finally 55 degrees in central Fl...grass stopped growing..Santa Claus is coming....
So... that explains your expertise in re-gluing flywheel magnets!!

Man, I don't even own an air hammer, let alone use one on a crank!
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