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I know you said your budget was about 350 for another 200 hundred you could buy one of those sthil detachable long pruner systems. I would get the fixed bar I don't like the adjustable bar there's too many parts to hang up in the shrubs and slow you down. I don't know the model # but I love those things you can reach way in on top of big stuff and you can do the little stuff without bending over the whole time. (really saves the back and time) And for another 99 you can buy a weedwacker attachment for another 139 you can buy a chain saw attachment.

I think the detachable systems are a great idea in general you can take a lot more equipment with you taking up less space and if one thing goes down you can switch up attachments and be back to work most of the time. I recommend sthil because I just happen to like Sthil products.
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