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Originally Posted by keith.mcginnis View Post
You are right I did forget to mention that. This is the same gas I use in My Kaw Trimmer, Husq Blower, etc..

Normal trouble shooting would lead me to replace the carb, but it doesn't really explain why the plug gets soaked. There isn't much to this carb, I've broke it all of the way down and replaced everything.

Thanks for everybody's ideas. Keep them coming and I'll try some things next chance I get.
I went back and read your inital posting again. When you did the carb rebuild, you swapped the gaskets and diaphrams correct, but what about the needle valve assembly itself? From what I know on those kits, they can come two different ways, one is with the diaphrams and gaskets only, and the second rebuild kit will contain those, plus the screen, and the needle assembly as well. If the needle valve is not operationg correctly, i think it could cause the problem your seeing ( a wet spark plug). Even if you change those out, there can still be problems in the carb that you cannot overcome with a rebuild kit such as the welch plugs, and the small orfices that cannot be cleaned very easily. Everything im reading says carb problem. Because you got the unit given to you, i'd shell out for the whole new carb assembly at this point and see where that gets ya. It probably wont be too much more than the rebuild kit cost ya.

good luck, and please post the results of what fixes this blower in the end.
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