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Have you spoken with our service department about this? Subaru has be very good in working with us and we are getting fast response from them. Also at the show we had the XT5 Subaru with a one gallon tank that is available as a kit that takes about a half hour to put on. Cost is for parts.

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Basically the same problems here with my Suburu XT5 as well. Worst starting engine I've ever seen. Turfco never bothered to set rpms correctly as its revs to the moon. I'll be fixing that myself. TurfcoBob, to say this engine uses .11 gal of fuel per hour is quite funny. Its more like a gallon an hour. I have to refuel it after 20-25 minutes of running. Smokes pretty bad on startup as well. I had always had about 50/50 luck with Briggs motors in the past and have a good Suburu on my WB edger so thats why I picked it. What mistake. Tech support did get back to me when I called about it but he had no clue of anything at all about Suburu engines didn't seem overly interested in looking into it. Your right, they snappy to answer questions before the sale but after they got your money you end up quite a bit lower on their priorities. No reason at all should I leave emails and voicemails for over a week straight with no call back. Overall I like the machine vs. my old Ryan but the Suburu is not worth buying unless you need a good exercise in the morning tryign to start. I have bad disk in my back and basically smoked my back out one morning a couple weeks just trying to start it to load it into the trailer. By 7:00 I was already in big trouble physically for the rest of the day.
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