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Originally Posted by keith.mcginnis View Post
Well I went home last night filled the gas tank up and replaced the air filter. People everywhere say, check the air filter. I find it hard to believe a dirty air filter would keep it from starting, maybe just a loss of power. Anyway, I sprayed a little starting fluid in the carb and sputtered and died. I had maybe thought that the tank wasn't venting so I cracked the cap and continued to pull. I pulled about with choke on, choke off, same results either way.

EXCEPT!, This time when I pulled the plug I noticed it WASNT wet.? So now I'm really confused. Before I try anything else. I'm going to put a small zip tie on the gas line at the carb (air leak) and try again.

JOE, I didn't check for side movement. You mean like crankshaft play? Also, sometimes there is some weird noise when pulling the rope. Not all of the time, but it just sounds like a piece of rust in the muffler to me. Are you saying that just because compression is good that doesn't mean there is enough crankcase vacuum to pull gas through the carb properly?

Yes I replaced the Needle and screen along with the diaphragm. See the link below for a picture of what my kit consisted of.

K10-HD Carb Kit

Keep them coming

Im still thinking carb. Its possible that the previous owner messed with the H and L screws on the carb to try and get it running, and now they are not in the right place, so the engine wont run. You could try resetting those to the initial setting positions and see if that gets you going. Or there is something else wrong in the carb, maybe under the welch plugs, or something clogging the H or L needle screws. replace that dang guess its around 45 bucks. Here is some info on carbs that may be helpful:
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