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Originally Posted by MOW ED View Post
That is cool but I have a question. I don't do removal however we have city curbside pickup. I will blow leaf piles that are close to the curb but I don't blow huge lines anymore as I tried something different that really works for me. I mulch 95% of the leaf fall on my properties and at the end of it all I will run the Walker over it to finish the season. Sometimes I will also run the Walker to bag if the leaf debris content is highly visible or extra heavy.

My question to you might not be easily answered. I see the leaf vac does reduce the volume of leaves as it blows them into the truck. Would it be less work to mulch in place and then bag ( I have found about a 10:1 reduction in debris) or is it quicker to blow leaves to a curbside pile and vacuum them like you are doing. I just find that when I mulch I am not removing 100% of the leaf from the property and by doing that I have much less debris. You have to physically dance alot with that hose and chase leaves down which in my opinion would be tiring at the end of the day. Now I am not hating on your procedure because I am just looking from my business perspective and I know not much about yours. I am just wondering if complete leaf removal as you do it is a wash for time/energy spent with a different way or is it more or less cost efficient?
in the end its all money in our pocket and if we can do it faster/easier/cheaper then we all win. Take care.
I'll try to answer this short- Some properties simply have too many leaves to mulch. Some people want them removed. And sometimes too much mulching leaves things looking worse. Repeated mower traffic, compaction, turning, repeat visits and build-up of mulched leaves.... it gets to be bad IMO.

And I will NOT bag leaves. I tarp them out of backyards under protest. Vac is extremely efficient- take up 95% of them, mow the yard and the rest will mulch up fine.
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