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12.7 acre bid

I have been asked to bid 12.7 total acres one property has 2.7 another has 4.8 and another has 5.2. They are all within 1/4 mile of each other and the owner has a storage unit on site to store Fert and my equipment if i can not get it all in one day. I will have to drive 45min from my normal area in town. They are apartments but have some spots that are 1.5acres of green space so open and quick. I will use my Z on most and a hose on some hill areas. The properties have not been sprayed or fertilized for the past 3 years and not much irrigation all the irrigation is working now. I like to use a 1.25 lbs of N at a 50% slow now if i order $18.50 a bag trying to talk them down a little. I will use Specticle for a Pre-M at 6.5oz per acre now and in the spring.
I know $ can vary but what is a good ball park for the Southern States Would you have a fixed app price or vary your Pre-M 2 apps and Fert 4 apps.

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