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Originally Posted by Cat 320D LRR View Post
i priced one out with a front bucket and forks the backhoe had 3 buckets a thumb and work like and 2 year warranty on every and it was around 55k i think
Look at it this way, once you use an excavator with a thumb you will be disappointed with the L39, an excavator has 360deg use, the L39 may get half that if your lucky. Once you use a track loader (terex or cat for ex.) you will be disappointed with the front loader on the L39. Way to slow and clumsy, you'll need like 40' of room to maneuver that thing around. You just gotta bite the bullet and go for the two. Especially at the price of the L39, your only getting half the performance.
Like someone said there are alot of good used machines out there.
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