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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I have more bad news for folks who think more expensive equipment means more money in someone's pocket, it doesn't and if it does it's because someone's ripping off the customer. Higher priced equipment comes at a cost, this cost comes out of that money so all the folks who think that 20-year old machine that plows along at a snail's pace isn't cutting it, at least it's all paid up.

Case someone ain't figured that out, the grass ain't greener on the other side of the fence.
Time and again, more work gets done only means higher costs on the other end.
It's in the balance, all yin and yang.

So a diesel doesn't make more, where the fuel is cheaper it also costs more to maintain so at the end of the month it's the same money in the owner's pocket as the guy with the 21", the higher dollar machines have more overhead, neither the price for the job nor the labor cost increases because someone found a more expensive piece of equipment, it might get the job done faster but everyone still gets paid the same in the end.

Matter of fact the guy with the 21" might actually be better off if he gets to stay in the same place for a considerable period of time, $15 an hour for 4 hours is the same as $60 for one hour when the overhead on the $15 / hour job runs $5 total but on the $60 / hour runs $50, either way it's $10 an hour labor and like it or not that is how it's supposed to work out.
I can say, that I have paid for my "expensive" equipment and didn't rip anyone off in the process. I also can say, I make a bunch more then any ten dollars an hour using my expensive equipment.
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