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Thanks for your thought. I should have pointed out that I live in a college town.

I was also informed by a friend about the amount of money the population here actually has. There is a chain of wealth management offices with three locations here, and I am told that for each office that is put in town, there has to be a certain amount of wealth possessed by the residents in the particular locality. I forget what that amount was, but it was a very, very big number. Multiply that by three, its even larger. On the other hand, maybe I was misinformed, but it does make sense to an extent. The last place I worked pulled in around 100 million a year, so the pennies are on the move.

That being said, I think that the averages I posted do have their place in the whole slew of things, but looking at the breakdown not just on the census reports, but also what I see here everyday leads me to believe that the large population of college students living here has an effect on the overall average. In fact, I really do not see a many 30 year olds in town that are doing that well. The population here really exists in magnitude on either end of the age spectrum, college students making less than 10 grand a year, and retired folk with a bit of cash in the retirement accounts.

another interesting point is the city has been on a tangent the last couple years trying to get things looking better around town, especially tworads rental housing, which is about half of the housing in town.

I find it absolutely fascinating looking into these kinds of things. It certainly will be a great help in identifying target markets in town.
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