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Originally Posted by EastTexasProscapesLLC View Post
Thanks! Not too worried about the 2WD. My truck will be 4wd whenever I replace mine, but so far haven't needed to landscape in a muddy swamp yet. For pulling mowers and materials I have been thoroughly pleased with it.

As far as the compost, I agree, it is rare that a customer is willing to go to the expense of such an extreme excavation. This customer was willing to do so since they were very upset that the last one was done half way. They would of rather the guy admit he didn't know what he was doing when he bid the job and ask for more money than 1/2 way do it and then have to hire me to come in and fix it. (I wasn't in business at the time otherwise would of had the job from the get go.)

I do have a good bulk supplier, probably no better than yours, but the customer had place for the excavated dirt to go on site. That saved a good bit of expense right there.

Good luck with your last few semesters of school. I have no regrets of going to college. It has gotten me a lot of notoriety and publicity in regards to new jobs.

And I don't think you will be dealing with plowing anytime soon either

A buddy of mine I go to school with started his own company a month ago (worked for his dad's large, $1.2 million lawn company for the past few years and wanted to start off on his own). He got 500 or 1000 flyers printed and had a short bio paragraph that went into detail about him being a younger guy (same age as me, 21) and I told him to take it out as in my eyes I think people would belittle you and think you'll work for $10/hour if you have that on a piece of advertising media. He had his 16 yr old girl neighbor drive around handing them out and got 500 out just putting them into newspaper boxes, got 10 calls and closed 8 of 10 jobs. Mostly fall clean ups, one decent retaining wall, and all priced accordingly as he ran his numbers by our teacher who owns a very profitable high end install company. Another one being a large patio & retaining wall w/ stairs project that him & I teamed up on and we just wrapped up last week. It's a good thing he didn't listen to me

Thanks, I have one semester after this sem and it's only 2 classes, I'm adding on a few accounting classes as well, I'm thinking about pursuing a degree in that but I'm not sure. I need to buy a house of my own with some land, my parents aren't exactly happy with my equipment taking up room. But it'll be so weird being done with school. I'm only 21, so it has basically half of my entire life.
I've had some people question me as to why I went to school for hort/landscape and I explain my reasons and plans, usually I have their heads spinning with what my aspirations are.
I'd say 95% of the guys in the industry don't have a formal education in hort/landscape and of that 95% probably 70% are clueless when it comes to plants, trees, and hardscapes, not to mention the accounting, finance, investing, & business side of things. I took those classes when I was at UND right after high school in fall 09 through fall 2010, that helped me out a lot.
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