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Originally Posted by nachesebro View Post
All that said, I can look at the data under many different lenses, and with effort, I could probably formulate some ideas and figures to make selling air conditioners from December till April sound like a good idea. The statement you made however, goes a long way in keeping this real and is something all businesses here face. But the key to success in anything from board tames to business is all about seeking areas of opportunity and having a plan to act on once you have done so. If not, then look forward to an 'extended vacation'
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If you don't make it in mowing, you could probably succeed at motivational speaking . All I have to say about your posts is "WOW." Not once do you mention a business plan, marketing plan etc. Just a bunch of non sense about the census bureau and how you plan on selling ice cubes to eskimos? Or something like that. Good luck to you, but I wouldn't get so hung up on that million dollar company or average household income, sell your service, do a good job, and keep cash flow in the green
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