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Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
AVguy, this is great! I im in the Kansas City area, and am looking to do this on the back part of my acre lot as well.

So just to verify you got your seed at Lesco, which is part of john deere landscape right? There is a place here that I can get La Prima Bermuda, but its like 20 bucks a pound. I get roughly half off due to landscape company.

Anyway I was just wondering how you are continuing to like your choice in seed? If you have any updated pics that would be appreciated.

Thanks again for this thread, its been very helpful thus far!!!
I bought Sunstar bermuda from my local JD/Lesco. It is a medium grade seed. If you look back toward the beginning of this thread you'll see some of the seed recommendations from the pros here. The Sunstar was a good choice for my needs but had I been renovating say a 1/4 or 1/2 acre lot in a subdivision I might have opted for a finer blade seed like a Yukon.

Another thing to keep in mind is the continuing costs associated with trying to maintain a large area like this. I live in the country surrounded by farm land. Where I live people don't have "lawns" lol.....they have "yards" know.....where you park your cars and throw stuff that came from your house. I have absolutely the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for but they look at me and my lawn just like Kevin Cosner's neighbors looked at him when he plowed his corn under in Field of I probably spend between $1000 - $1500 / year in maintenance. Good luck!

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