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Originally Posted by avguy View Post
I bought Sunstar bermuda from my local JD/Lesco. It is a medium grade seed. If you look back toward the beginning of this thread you'll see some of the seed recommendations from the pros here. The Sunstar was a good choice for my needs but had I been renovating say a 1/4 or 1/2 acre lot in a subdivision I might have opted for a finer blade seed like a Yukon.

Another thing to keep in mind is the continuing costs associated with trying to maintain a large area like this. I live in the country surrounded by farm land. Where I live people don't have "lawns" lol.....they have "yards" know.....where you park your cars and throw stuff that came from your house. I have absolutely the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for but they look at me and my lawn just like Kevin Cosner's neighbors looked at him when he plowed his corn under in Field of I probably spend between $1000 - $1500 / year in maintenance. Good luck!

I do like the looks of that for sure!!! I totally understand. I have an acre lot, so not near as big as yours! Thanks for the follow up on your seed choice. I will for sure go over to the JD store around the corner and see what they have this late spring! Just wanting to get my ducks in a row now

I love mowing and having a nice yard. Its great! Now with the acre, and no irrigation system, its impossible for me to keep enough water on it in the summer to keep it alive let alone green. So I am going to seed the bermuda along the side yard first to see what I think.

Thanks again for your help on this thread! Fantastic help, as this is almost exactly what I will be doing. And like you said a while ago, the prep work is the biggest! Soil samples and tilling and ......

Thanks again!!!
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