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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in my county in the year 2010, there were 7 reported Landscaping Services serving the area. First quarter payroll came in at $80,000 (or $11,429 each) and annual payroll came in at $533,000 (or $76,142.85 each).
"reported" is your key word there. Beyond the off-the-books guys, whether they're reported or not, it's hard to find a more fluid started and closed business than this. I'd really be curious as to the historical data showing that number, and where it stands now, vs 2010.

There is a chain of wealth management offices with three locations here
This is really indicative of nothing, especially when you factor in that they have approximately 11,997 more locations in the US and Canada. I live in an area with a population close to that of your county (double that of your city), and we have an income of approx $90,000 per. We have less of that particular full-service brokerage (wealth manager is marketing spin) than you do (we have 2, albeit more in the area). They are in just about any small area you can think of, so I really wouldn't use that as a referenced data point.

All that said, I can look at the data under many different lenses, and with effort, I could probably formulate some ideas and figures to make selling air conditioners from December till April sound like a good idea.
Which is why, based on a variety of things you've said, and the way you've interpreted data (or recognized that it can be interpreted differently based on any give lens), I will wager $1 that you're not in lawn/landscaping this time next year. And that's not at all intended to be a knock on you. I think you'll evaluate yourself out of this particular field and find yourself elsewhere. Regardless of what you decide to do, I'd suggest hedging your bet with a solid part-time job to alleviate the financial pressures and stresses that come with starting any business.

I know lawn & landscape marketing, branding, and web strategy. I'm not anonymous, I just don't self-promote.

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