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I bought two jrco leaf plows for my 52" turf tracers. Last year we used tarps and it was a PITA. On the small jobs, tarps are perfect; but on the large jobs, too much time and energy is wasted on raking onto the tarp, dragging the tarp and unloading it. We have 3 br600s and one 13hp blower, but there are only so many leaves you can push with high powered blowers before you have to start tarping or pushing the accumulating piles. We have an 80hp diesel leaf vac, so the most time consuming part of leaf removal for me is getting the leaves to my truck Tarping took way too time and manpower last year, so I'm trying out the plows with a smaller crew this year.

Dragging tarps with wet leaves over wet fine fescue will damage the lawn. As long as the wheels on your mower dont start slipping, the plows will be fine.

Also, these plows will keep my mowers working past lawn season into early december. I can only depreciate my mowers for 5yrs, so if the pumps don't last past 5yrs, then I will be replacing the mowers anyways.
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