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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Well, maybe you didn't. But plenty of "regulars" here in the Hardscape Forum come off like that to guys who are breaking into the hardscape forum. Whether you guys realize it or not, you come off to the rest of us as extremely critical, negative, condescending, and elitist. Many (not all) of the regulars in this forum think they are God's gift to Hardscaping or at least it comes off that way. We had this discussion in another recent thread too. You guys don't realize it but everyone is afraid to post anything in this forum because of the attacks and criticism they know is going to come their way if they do.
It's funny, I posted my first hardscape disaster, I mean project on here to get opinions, help, and guidance. Actually it was posted while I was doing it. However before I took this project on I looked at A LOT of the responses from the so called "Gods" on this forum and learned a couple of things.

A.) Be humble when asking for criticisms, they may actually be right

B.) Post build pictures, not just end of the project. All on here would say that the prep and planning are the most important stage.

C.) Show some competence in that you tried learning before you started digging. (I attending some build day seminars by manufacturers, and read a ton of manuals/literature on building)

I got some good "Wow that was bad" or "Do this way next time" My answers were "Yea you're right" or "Yep totally missed the boat on that one", etc....... Some of the threads I read before I did mine was that many of the topic creators would get rudely offensive when someone said "You did that wrong" or "Something doesn't look right?" Instead of either explaining the why about it, it just turned into a fight because everyone didn't say "Wow looks amazing" I agree this forum is sometimes overly harshly critical, but hardscaping takes more effort to look good then putting mulch on a berm. Eventhough my project didn't turn out perfect I sure learned a lot for the next one. I won't lie, I had sweaty palms and a high heart rate posting pictures though!
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