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check these product prices out

First of all, I asked for a 5-6 round program. This is what the sales rep sent me...i wasnt impressed.

Here is some pricing for a basic landscape program that addresses pre-emerge control + fertilizer in the spring, a grub+fungicide application in early Summer, and an organic fertilizer application in the early fall. Also included a low-odor herbicide for touch-up spraying. I chose these granular products with public perception in mind, something you could possibly leverage as a selling point.

21-3-8 with .426% Barricade 200 lbs/acre ($35/bag)= $140/acre **late April,early may app**

Caravan (fungicide+insecticide) Heritage+Meridian 2lbs/1000 sq ft= 3 30lb bags/acre $180 ($60/bag) **early-mid June app also controls grubs all season + 1 month of disease control**

Solitaire herbicide as a touch up spray for crabgrass, nutsedge, clover, other broadleaf breakthrough. 6x1lb case 16oz/acre rate **use only as spot spray material, not broadcast to keep cost down**

8-5-5 organic fertilizer for the early fall. Landscape grade (200 sgn) .35#N/1000= 3.5 bags @ $36/bag= $126 acre
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