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You have a great point. Using the same process I used to drop the idea of a specialty tropical fish retail store, the basic idea is that there is a chance that I can make this work out okay, but then again maybe not. Its all part of the adventure.

I think I must not have been very clear. This thread was intended to introduce myself to the community and shoot the breeze a bit. When i refer to the census bureau, please understand that I understand that it is a small, SMALL, part of the equation. Obviously anyone who bases any business decision based on a single report is in for a surprise or two. I did not intend this to be a comprehensive review of my business plan. In fact, I am still in the process of assembling it.

When I am ready to have that discussion, I will certainly make a thread dedicated to that. For now, I am just saying hi and enjoying a bit of casual conversation.

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