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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
keep it up guys, tearing the guy down again when he comes to say thank you...
Call it as you wish.

I am NOT "tearing the guy down".

Retaining walls are NOT to be taken lightly. They're expensive to build. And even more expensive for the client to rebuild.

This forum is intended as an industry professional meeting place. I'm obligated to steer folks in the direction of doing things professionally. A 6-foot high wall typically needs engineered. 6-feet is a hefty height. There's a good amount of weight bearing down on that 6-feet.

I recently priced a job. Included obtaining a county permit. And doing everything by the book. The home owner, a female attorney in the DC area said to me "we're gonna look for a better price, why are you so expensive?" I replied "we're
Doing everything to industry standards, we're even pulling a permit, most contractors will try to skirt around the permit". She replied "well how much is the permit?" LOL She, Ms Attorney, could not realize the difference between a professional contractor verses a Craigslist contractor. Go ahead, find your better price, I don't like people like you.

I'm happy for the topic creator, I really am. But I want him to be aware for his future jobs that he needs to utilize the services of an engineer when his walls are at 4-feet and above. It's to his benefit.

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