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That's for sure. The irrigation forum is actually the worst forum on Lawnsite. And that's a part of this business where I have some serious expertise. I'm even on one of the boards at Rain Bird. But I don't even bother posting anything in that forum anymore. I've totally given up. Half the guys in that forum aren't even in the business anymore! Yet they will totally chastise you up and down for the brand you use, the way you do irrigation (e.g. in Oregon we trench and do PVC pipe, other states they use a plow in poly pipe) or any stupid thing they can think of. Or else they'll just start with the personal attacks. I don't know what the guys problem is in that forum. But I've totally given up on that one. It's like 80% think-they-know-it-all jerks in that forum.

This forum isn't quite that bad. At least most of the guys in this forum who are rude and condescending actually know the business, are still actively doing hardscapes and are really good at it.
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