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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
True but 1 bag of sol u cal is equal to 4 bags of dolomitic lime I think. So the difference is only $1 wihich could be made up in labor and micros.

I assume both work differently but I'm not a scientist and take my lime based on soil test. I would also think sol u cal would be good for maintenance o the pH
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See post 3

Solu Cal enhanced calicitic lime......38% ca and .4% mg
regular calicitic lime ~............ ~32% ca and 2% mg

Solu cal Mag.................................10%mg and 21% ca
regular dolomitic lime................ ~ 12% mg and 20% ca

Now appears you will need the same amount of dolomitic lime or solu cal mg, BUT if you use enhanced solu cal calicitic lime, you could cut the rate by ~ 18%

Real value of the solucal products, they react with the soil very quickly and can help you get the turf thru a stress period. Their products are expense to use to correct the soil ph!

Never inter change calicitic for dolomitic or vise versa! Excess mg, make soil like concrete

Never lime with out quality soil test!

Labs assume that soil test are taken at a 6" depth, so if your depth is different.......make sure lab is aware!

80% of cool season turf roots are in the top 3" of soil profile! I only test to a depth of 3"

Accept this info or consider it Bs...your decision
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