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Well I am not real sure what to say. I am not opposed to a engineer but in this neck of the woods you would go hungry if you tried to charge those kinds of rates you would need to cover that cost. Just some info on the wall I am installing and maybe this might be good or bad for me on here but it is what it is. I am using Versa Lok block and using geo grid at 3' and at 5' per specs running 6' behind the wall. I am using 12" of compaction packing every 3". I am installing a 4" drain behind wall covered in washed stone with a barrier between stone and dirt to keep dirt from leaching into stone. The first course will be below grade. When back filling I will compact dirt on geo grid so it will not move or settle. All this is done per specs according to my certification. This may not be what you guys do but this is what I have done on every wall that exceeded 3'. All the walls look as good today as the day I got done installing them. I'm not saying I am the best or that I am a expert by any means but I do feel I have educated myself well enough to know what I am doing. Sure there are more experienced guys out there but they were where I am at at some point in there career also. If you want to bash me then go ahead. I am always open to honest help. Everyone has there way of doing things and I am no different.
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