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The only thing I could find on the Ventrac web-site is a slip-scoop loader. Really it's just for transporting material and not really loading material.

Here's why I would buy a Ventrac.

1.) If I had massive slopes to mow.
2.) If I had a large acreage to mow.
3.) If I didn't mind being slower than a snail when moving material.

The Ventrac has it's limitations, but is still a good machine. A mini skid is way more productive though in the end.

As for attachments, you can find all the same for a mini skid, including the the stump grinder. Plus you could use a trencher or auger drive.

Hauling a ventrac looks cumbersome also. I can load my mini skid and have it chained down in about 8 minutes.

The dump height is where the mini skid shines, along with maneuvering wayyyyyyyy faster. In one day I move 35 tons of material with my mini. I seriously doubt a ventrac can do that.

EDIT, did just see the versa-loader and trencher attachment. I'm still not sold on it's productivity for producing in high volume work though.

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