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Picked up the skid I rented for this massive rock removal job that a buddy I go to school with that owns a company teamed up on.

Before. Hard to see because of my case I had on my HTC, which during the course of this job, it decided to not allow people to hear me on the other line so I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

I don't have any during pics but it was at least 8 dump trailer loads of rock, dirt, shrubs, weeds, poly, etc.
It was about 3500 sq ft removed and 4400 sq ft of new black dirt & seeded areas.

I burned $260 in gas between the trip to the jobsite (about 35 miles from home, on the opposite side of the metro) and towing the dump trailer through the MN river bluffs from Eagan (jobsite) to Burnsville (dump site). My buddy burned about $130 in diesel from hauling a couple loads as well as pulling the skid 3 of the 4 days we spent on the jobsite.
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