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Originally Posted by IS500Z View Post
This is not a 'line' it is an age-old rule-of-thumb to size a chainsaw engine to a bar length. I put myself through college by working in a variety of lumber companies and have been running chainsaws for decades as well. Your 032 could pull a 20-inch bar but it will do so at a far slower rate than a 361. I am sure your 2145 could cut hardwood with a 20-inch bar but I will be done and back home with my 460 while you are still working.
There's a right tool for everything, and too many of you here are offering less than the best advice for the OP. He doesn't need the power of a larger saw. Maybe you should re-read what his intended use for it is. The MS 250 is more than enough for what he needs. As for the "rule"- never heard that one before. Not from any of the loggers I have known, or any of the saw shops I frequent, so I call BS on that, especially if the saw is set up right, and has the proper chain that is sharpened correctly. I don't have a 20" on my 2145. I have the 18" you said required at least 60cc's, and it clearly doesn't. Is more power better? Sometimes, but is it needed for an 18" bar? No.

BTW- I'll put my 2165 against your 361 any day, on any wood, or my 2186 against your 460 and be home before you have even gotten back in your truck.
Originally Posted by Darryl G
I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.

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