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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
good choice, dmaxes tow nice....I have a 96 7.3 powerstroke rated at 215hp and it won't win races for sure, but it is reliable and a gas truck could not tow a mini excavator on a daily basis nor could one of similar years even tow the 6500lb chipper i was towing around on a weekly basis, I used my buddies gas f250 to back up a chipper, and I had to almost put the truck to 2500rpm to just back a chipper up on flat ground, it ended up overheating the transmission and starting on fire because it was under so much stress. my diesel f350 would never do that because it is built to move weight. make sure you put a small tune of efi live in the truck and do a trans go jr. shift kit, and you should get over 20mpg towing. good luck happy towing!
Is your 7.3 a standard or automatic????? I think if my truck was standard it would tow A LOT BETTER. I hate the way my truck shifts. no joke say im take a sweeping turn and it starts up a large hill and im running say 30mph. if i stomp it down at the bottom of the hill it just simply DOES NOT want to go into 2nd gear but will stay in drive and just lug at about 1200 rpms and lose speed and when she gets down around 1000 rpms on the floor it will finally downshift and pull okay. It was like this before and after my tranny rebuild.........
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