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Originally Posted by WBuster View Post
Okay Ive been reading on here over and over trying to learn more and more. Can you ever learn everything about turf? lol I've been in the turf industry for over ten years now and Ive learned alot.
I've developed a good fert program which provides great results. We have a 90% retention rate. Things are going well...
I would like to Thank the above named for all there posts on lawnsite and those i forgot you know who you are. I dont think you guys realize how much your posts help out alot of us who are or were not quite as educated as you guys. I think there are alot of guys out there that want to do right by there customers and provide an excellent program. That gives the customer great value and a healthy lawn. Not just a green lawn...

But i can remember when i first started searching for answers on how to do things the right way not the screwgreen way it was difficult to sort out what was true and who was just flapping there lips.

Obviously you eventually have to settle somewhere in the middle because of economics but its also your responsibility to do right by your customer. I've learned over the years sometimes thats not so easy.

My question to you guys that are veterans to the turf industry and have been at it much longer than me is... Do you ever stop learning about turf or feel that you know everything you need to know about your lawns? Or feel that your program cant get any better?
Like i said ive been at this ten years have a pretty good thing going, i do my customers right and i still research everyday still look for something maybe i could add to get better results. Or maybe something i missed. Or maybe a new product that works better than what im currently using. Seems like the more i learn the more i need to learn and want to learn. Needless to say i really like my job and what i have going you could say im hooked on turf lol

But to you veterans Does it ever end?
BTW i know i dont post alot and probably should more
Since I wasn't included, I shouldn't answer, but NO, you continue to learn and refresh!
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