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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Sounds like too much nitrogen to me. And 50 percent slow release is costly--its better for the turf, but I doubt the customer would appreciate it. What kind of grass? Bermuda? Is the fall pre-em for poa problems? Would you be better off to apply two pre-emergents in spring and summer?
Yes it is Bermuda and I use a 50% on all my properties that will not change. I do not know about the poa but the Pre-M will kill it. So far I have only used a fall and Spring ap and have had good luck. Thanks for responding but for this many acres what type of price range should i look at? A big one is I do not need the work but if I pick this up it could lead to many other of the same size so I would have to get a crew to work it and that is another topic of head aches.
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