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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
Just remember that there is always someone better than you and if you dish it out you better be able to take it if down the road someone says you need to do something different. I'm not looking for guys on here that have little man disease. I have been open and honest about my abilities and what I am doing. Maybe I can do something different and maybe you know something that will help me next time. If so that is fine but don't come on here and bash me and act all big and bad because you think yours don't stink. We all wake up and put our pants on the same way. The higher you put yourself up the harder the fall.
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I'm not sure who you're directing that to. I presume italianstallion?

Walls "fall" too

Can you build a wall without grid? Sure can.

Should you build a wall without grid? From a professional business and from a liability standpoint - NO. If someone is paying you to do the job they are trusting that you are competent. They expect this work to still be standing 13+ yrs from now. In 9 years the people dont wanna be contending with health problems and then have a wall that needs torn down and rebuilt.

I saw a couple weeks ago where you were looking for help pricing. I was quite busy then and didnt really look at the replies people were giving you. Had I not been busy and had I sat down and read the replies - I would have pointed out
that said wall must be engineered. I wont participate in telling you what the pricing numbers will be. I am against that, and it drives me up the wall when other members tell people what their price would be. You can't learn that way. But I usually go to extremes to assist folks in what to account for and why. Right down to factoring in the cost of the porta pot rental.

The liability with retaining walls will carrry through with you as long as you live (if you're a sole propertiership), or as long as you're in business (if you're a corporation - Inc, LLC).

I have written on this forum extensively about retaining wall construction and liability, if you have time feel free to do a search under my user name and you should find all sorts of posts and threads from me on the subject.

Itallion stallion mentioned burying 2 courses of base block. May not be a bad idea. Of all the walls we have done - we have only buried two courses on extremely steep slopes. But since you're not using an engineer it may be wise to bury two courses, this wal that wall won't slide down the slope. Is the wall on a slope or at the bottom of a slope?

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