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Originally Posted by alexschultz1 View Post
he's using his own style of architecture lettering. My letters look a lot different than the ones on the website I posted, but you come up with your own style after MANY hours perfecting it.

Also it does make a difference when you submit the design. My normal chicken-scratch handwriting would come off as lazy and unprofessional.
And that's my point. He's not using all caps, he's not following the architectural alphabet, and he's using a Rotring Art Pen, not a fine tip Sharpie. But you can read his text clearly, which is all that really matters.

I was one of the only designers with any graphics skills at the company I worked for in '05. I busted my butt, even color rendering my drawings and making them pretty and worthy of a drafting prof hanging on his fridge. I sold $1.1 million in work. One of the other guys did unimpressive looking drawings with pencil and graph paper and basic block lettering. He sold $3.2 million.

If you can do the architectural lettering, great. It's very legible and probably does speak to the professionalism of the drafter, at least subliminally. But if you can't? Just letter it cleanly and sell the job.
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