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Originally Posted by jbell36
i've never thought of that, ford getting the cummins contract from the beginning...that would've been game over
This is getting off-topic, but it wasn't as though Ford tried to get a Cummins "contract" when the Dodge first came out with the Cummins. Ford has used an International-sourced commercial diesel (the 6.9, later 7.3 IDI) for years and was the king of the hill in pickup diesels at the time. GM had the Detroit Diesel sourced 6.2 which evolved into the 6.5 turbo. Ford and GM also had strong big-block gas engines to offer.

Dodge has basically nothing to compete with Ford and GM at the time. Their biggest engine offering in a HD pickup in the late 80s was the old 360 small block, which was a durable engine but a gutless turd compared to the Ford and GM big blocks. Teaming up with Cummins IMO was a brilliant move that saved Dodge HD pickups from extinction. Dodge did offer the V10 in later years which they say was discontinued due to emissions, but I suspect the V10 was cutting into the more profitable Cummins sales. Diesel guys don't like to admit this, but even though the 8.0 V10 was a horrible gas guzzler, when it came out in 1994 it would kick the living snot out of the stock Cummins in performance. Ok, end of history lesson.
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