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Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post

I'd like to hear your thoughts on prevailing wages

Basically, this was the first ' city job' follow spec guidelines I've down ( This year was the first the company has does this too)

Another co-worker has single handledly tackled out several other city jobs for this account mainly installing Rp's for city parks through out this year

I asked him about prevailing wages and he received or heard nothing about it.

My mother is a CPA and when her and I chat some of it is talking about work. She told me a bunch about it.

When I started the job there was a 3 page print out about the job description and 1.5 pages of it was talking about prevailing wages. I looked up all of the Rivision Code's it provided but of course those things are never it super detail.

My mother said I should just calmly bring it to my bosses attention.

I'm fine with what I'm being paid for to do the job... but if I have the opportunity to be paid more then of course i'm going to accept it.

I mean I worked 5 days straight by myself on a 4000' run. Removed almost 3 yards of dirt ( about 50 wheelbarrows full walking 200-300' each back to the truck ) Replaced a ton of valves. Followed stupid specs ( Btw a couple of those slip fixes move a couple inches) I called the guy up and mad him come over to show him WHY WE DON'T DO THIS!!!!!.. He said leave it..

Basically I kicked ass and I feel .. If there is a bonus for doing something like this then I should get it.

I haven't brought anything up to my boss and after reviewing the 10 pages of RCW codes I do not see any kind of 'grouping' irrigation falls under
Falls under pipe fitters, don't pass out when you see how much "The Man" thinks you should be getting paid.
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