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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
On the recoil side take it off and peak in with a light. On the flywheel side you have to take the clutch housing off and again peak. But if it is spotless then they probably are in place. Take the muffler off and verify that the output port is cleaned out. If I recall I think those carb have another adjustment straight down on top of the carb. It would be plugged so it would have to be removed. It basically moves the jet needle up and down when you turn it. If you choke it partly will it accelerate?
There is no acceleration with partial choking and the muffler and output port are clean. There doesn't appear to be another adj. as I can neither find it on the carb nor in the carb schematic. I'll take a look at the seals this weekend. Could this be an ignition problem? Overall, the unit runs normally re starting and idling and never dies. It just wont accelerate. Thanks again for the help.
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