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Most of the rental houses are set up so that the tenants are responsible for the upkeep of the lawn. A lot of properties in town are attractive to the college crowd. A house or apartment certainly beats the dorms of the university here, and after four years of study, they can relocate easily. That said, most students do not own equipment to keep up the lawn and at times risk the attention of the ordinance officer. To start small, I was going to get a nice backpack blower, brush cutter/weed trimmer, and a push mower. (21 inch type).

To start, it is all I really need.most city lots are small and could be taken care of quickly. It also allows me to do business without having to finance anything right off the bat.

I will also be doing this part time while working another job to help keep a healthy source of income moving along.

If things look good next fall, I will look into getting a truck and plow to take on winter operations.

Because I will have a truck trailer plow brushcutter blower and small mower already on hand, the next logical step in my mind would be to upgrade the mower to either a ztr or a zero turn walk behind. I think it was on this site that I read that the walk behinds in certain situations are better than the ride on ztr... But that will remain for a different topic and thread.

Obviously this is the general idea that I have to start with. I am sure there will be changes to parts of it as things get better or worse.

So I guess the short answer to your question is small equipment - nothing extravagant. But each piece of equipment will have a purpose at all future stages of my lco. They will need to recycle well within the operation. I would hate to buy something and figure out that it just wasn't big or small enough for what I need and have to try to get rid of it and upgrade or downgrade.
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