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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

Sorry but I am going to be a little cynical here and blast the idea of this Post .

I don't understand how Anyone can expect a correct Bid answer from People in other areas of the country when we don't know the CLIMATE, the SOIL's REQUIREMENTS, The COST OF GOODS IN YOUR AREA AND YOUR DISCOUNT LEVEL or The Current COMPETITION'S PRICING.

My suggestion is to calculate YOUR Cost including Labor and Add a Profit margin. If your don't get the Bid at least you don't lose money from bidding too low and therefore winning by not losing.

Ric you are a good guy and you know what all I do outside of this but superscapes is right. I have not bid on such a large property and was looking for ideas out side of my normal. I will not loss money.
By the way me are selling the 50's and have two Challenger 300 nice and new.
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