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Redmax EB 7000 died :-(

On one of the worst days possible, my EB7000 kicked the bucket. Thursdays are deemed "blower days" on my route since most every account on these days requires a ton of BP action, which is especially special since, ya know, it's Fall and it's leaf city all over the north end of town. Man, last week it was truck problems on Friday, and now this.

On the brighter side of things though, I ended up getting a new blower at the end of the work day. Went down to the dealership and picked up the EB8500. The 7000 was great while it lasted (12 years), but I think this 8500 is going to be more legit. I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but I'm guessing tomorrow morning is going to be a real treat with this guy on the job :-)
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