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The ground is pretty level where the wall is going acrossed it. The slope is running up the driveway which the wall being just ending the farther up I go. I don't know if I am explaining it well enough for you guys to understand. I have some before pics and will post them tomorrow when I get on the computer. I know you guys seem to think I don't have much experience with walls but that really isn't the case. The first wall I built was 8-9 years ago at a holiday inn and it was 300' long but on 4' tall. I have built walls from 3' and 50' long at the bottom of a hill two walls I built around fire hydrants that were on a mound and they wanted the ground level around the hydrant so I cut the hill back built walls around and sloped the hill back to normal. There has been jobs where I built walls for walk in basements that the walls were at least 8' tall. I am far from a rookie at this hardscape stuff and the main reason for posting was because I had not built any for awhile and I just wanted to kind of see what the going rate was. I know everyone's rates are different depending on the area, overhead and block type but why should I charge $35 sq ft when I could get $40-45 sq ft and make more money. I do thank all you guys for the help and I don't mean to come off as a jerk or know it all. I am always looking for better ways of doing things and believe no matter how long I am doing things I will never know it all. The reason I am building the wall the way I am is for two reasons 1 is that when the salesman came out to look at the job he stated that I needed to bury one course. The ground behind the wall is level and the ground below is level it isn't holding anything back besides dirt and a few trees. The second reason I am building the way I am is when I got certified in SRW installation I have specs that are followed depending on soil type, slope, load and all that good stuff. When I looked at all those factors that is how I made my decision on how many course to bury and where to put the geo. I will post pics as I am building and tearing down so you guys get a better idea. I'm not the best at describing things so I may have everyone confused and thinking I have no clue as to what I am doing. I am very confident that the wall will stand the test of time and will out last me. Thanks again and sorry I came off rude or inconsiderate I just know how some people can be.
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