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Originally Posted by slamjamrockinman View Post
Hey man, love all the pics! have u graduated yet? You were in the hort program at anoka tech if i remember right? I just switched majors this year and started the hort program at DCTC, loving it. Love the Millville pics, I was at the nationals this summer as well, i was also just down at meadow valley yesterday catching one last outdoor ride of the season! Looks like business is going well! Your on your way man, keep on keeping on, you'll go far. Im sure ill run into you at the tracks next year, ill keep my eye out for that sweet 8.1.

Thanks man! Your company is Pro-Lawn right? I think I may have saw you in a white reg cab 6.0 chevy on 169 south bound in Hopkins on my way down to the Jordan Fair race back at the tail end of July.
I have a couple more classes to do next semester and then I'm done!! I havent decided to whether or not I'm gonna do more school or not. It'd be really nice to be able to just focus on business and grow it so i can buy a house within 1-2 yrs but then again I'd like to pursue accounting but I think that when my business is almost perpetual Ill focus more on day trading.
Hows dctc?
Were you at millville the whole wknd?
That's awesome you were able to take a day to go ride there. Really fun track. I havent ridden since the race wknd at Mora on oct 6-7.
Business is good, extremely busy with clean ups! I have about 8 medium-semi large ones to do between tmrw and Sunday!
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