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Yup that was my truck, it may have been the guy who was working for me at the time, or maybe me, I'm not sure. Thats awesome your almost done. I know its a tough decision, I will be trying to decide the same thing when Im done at dctc next year. Im gonna be so tempted to jump right into full time lco, as I'm sure your dealing with the same thing. Ive got similar plans, I'd like to get a really full schedule solo and hopefully by some property as well, a little bit out from the cities, big pole shed, 10-15 acres to build a little track, lol thats the dream.
But ya I'm loving the dctc program, actually motivated to go to school and do well unlike ust, the university thing just wasn't for me. Ya Ive been swamped with clean-ups. When we get out of school at noon were already halfway down to meadow pretty much so i decided to take the day and have some fun, track wasn't too bad either and we pretty much had it to ourselves! I went to Millville on saturday only, we didn't camp or anything. I did 10 clean-ups solo last weekend saturday, sunday, and monday! You should be able to squeeze those out. You been working solo lately?
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