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Originally Posted by planetlc View Post
how did everyone's week go?
Out the window!

Today was the first day out for the week. In 17 years, I do not ever recall any event where I lost three consecutive days due to weather. This time, it was four consecutive days lost.

Yes, this officially destroys all semblance of a work schedule. Now, it is just scrambling to get to the property that I deem highest priority to take care of leaves. Out of all properties, I think I have only one that has a grass cutting priority -- and it has no leaves. There are still some leaves to drop, but the trees are over the hump, with many of them bare.

I only got 3 1/2 jobs finished today. This afternoon was especially miserable when sitting on the ZTR for an hour. I nearly had to call somebody to pry me out of the seat I was so stiff. That thing is very cruel to me in cold weather. My old body just doesn't do well in those situations. After than excursion, back to blowing out beds, pushing the wheeled blower around, hauling tarps away, etc. That was a relief!

BTW, the 1/2 job was getting beds blown out of a property next to one that I worked just before, and the one I will return in the morning. I ended this work in a heavy drizzle, light shower (about 6:00-6:30).

Lots of work to do now. Some of the leaf jobs seem overwhelming. Next week looks favorable with regard to weather.
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