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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
You gotta be smart about where and when you go. If ANYBODY can see you, it's not worth it. And for crying out loud, the guy shouldn't have set his trimmer down. Carry it with you and leave it running. That way they think you're just on the phone or something and don't think anything of it. And never keep your hands at waist level unless you're "loading" or "unloading" the "package" so to speak. Lean against the wall to "take a load off," pretend you're on the phone, hands on the hips to make it look like you're surveying the situation or taking a quick rest. It's the movement down and back towards the fly that you have to be careful of. I've gone in the middle of the street in a truck wheel well. Nobody even looked at me because it just looked like I was resting my arms on the bed rails. And they didn't notice the stream of fluid

we are part of nature and we should be allowed to be natural. but if the customer is concerned (probably most are) then i wouldnt let them see you doing it.
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